Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be one of our Moderators! (females only)

Assalamualaikum everyone,
We are looking for Aalimahs who are interested in becoming a moderator here at Al-Mau'izah. We thank  your co-operation, Jazakillah.

Moderator Application Process
If you are interested, please email the following information to

1- Name
2- Location, Country + City
3- Age
4- What you do outside forum/blog (Study, Work etc)
5-School of Thought (mazdhab) which you follow
6- Why you want to be a Moderator

7- Madrasah you graduated from

Then, please choose 1 of the following segments you want to manage. Click the links for segment details.

a) Productive Youth
b) Hijaab Support
c) Blissful Marriage
d) Students of Knowledge
e) Simplified Feqah.
Application due: 15 November 2011 (application may be reopened after the due date upon request)

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