Female Related Issues (F.R.I.)

This section aims to educate our readers with regards to female related issues such as menstruation, lochia (ie. post-natal bleeding) and abnormal uterine bleeding according to both the Hanafi and Shafie mazahib, insya Allah.




NB:  Posts that will be posted by Umm 'Ali Zahari are notes that she had collated after undertaking the Fiqh of Menstruation courses (ie. introductory and advanced level) with Qibla.  It is without a doubt that learning from a scholar or teacher is much more beneficial, interactive and engaging as opposed to just reading notes.  For this reason, it is highly encouraged for one to learn these issues with someone.

Nonetheless, the notes are here for one to refer to and reinforce one's knowledge, insya Allah.  She apologizes for any shortcomings in her posts (surely there are many) and if there be any mistakes, please notify us at almauizah@googlegroups.com.   She hopes that people will benefit from her postings, insya Allah.  May Allah reward her Ustadha that taught her the two courses. Amin.

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