Wednesday, January 4, 2012

(T.Y.U. Answers) - Lesson 1 - Introduction & Types of Discharge




              1)     True
              2)     False
              3)     True
              4)     False
              5)     False
              6)     False


            1)     No, colour of blood.  Still considered menstruation.
            2)     Normal vaginal discharge.
            3)     AUB – under 9 lunar years of age.
            4)     No, only fresh discharge can be used to determine ruling.
            5)     Yes.  It is normal vaginal discharge which is pure and does not render clothing impure.  Thus, one just renews one's wudhu as anything that exits from the vagina breaks wudhu, but does not need to change one's undergarment to pray.
            6)     Menstruation, lochia or AUB.
            7)     Clear, white or creamy.
            8)     Blood which exits the uterus through the vagina after the baby/fetus has totally exited the womb.

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