Friday, January 27, 2012


بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

My ustad one day while defining the word 'BARAKA' mentioned an incident. He said he doesnt know how true or authentic it is. Any way...

Once, a person dreamt that under a tree there was a bag of gold and he was told to go and take it,so he asked ''Is there baraka in it?'' Somebody said;''No''. He said; ''I don't want it then''.The next day he sees the same dream but it was half a bag so he asks is there baraka in it?? The same voice replies ''No'', so he said "I don't want it". This continued until one day he sees the same dream but with only 2 dinars/dirhams in it, so he asks ''Is there baraka in it?'' And the reply was ''Yes''. So he went and took it and then later he went to the market and bought fish with these dinars,and then he went home and cut the fish and found a pearl in it...This pearl was so valuable that no one could pay for it not even the king!

So based on this, my Ustad was saying a person earns 100,000 and another earns only 1000 and he might think that the one earning more has more baraka,but actually money is only number and it has no value in it..You'll have baraka in whatever you earn only if you give make sure that you give sadaqa daily even though it might be something small.

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