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Who We Are 

Alhamdulillah, the team at Al-Mau’izah comprise of graduates from various madaris like Madrasah Mu'einul Islam, Zakariyya Park (South Africa), Madrasah Tarbiyatul Banaat, Azaadville, (South Africa), Kulliyatul A’in, COL 5 (Sri Lanka) and more.  

While all of us still continue to remain students of deen (insya Allah, this will last throughout our lifetime), most of the members are serving the deen of Allah in the profession of teaching while some are pursuing higher secular education.  Some have even memorized the Quran by heart and some are active members in their locality in which they organize events and attend weekly sisters' gatherings.  

The members have a common interest in sharing beneficial and enlightening knowledge as well as information with others.  We endeavour to deliver authentic, reliable and non-controversial material to our readers worldwide.  It is for this reason we publish articles and materials in other languages apart from English and we highly encourage our readers to play an active role as well by contributing towards the blog.

Apart from that, Al-Mau’izah serves as a frequently updated repository of authentic Islamic materials that features hundreds of articles focusing on various topics from youth to marriage, hijaab and also fiqh masaail based on the Hanafi and Syafie mazahib.  It also promotes Islamic Da’wah - its proper presentation, understanding and appreciation of Islam -  and at the same time, removes any form of misconceptions about Islam.  It is a place for Muslims as well as Non-Muslims to learn and discuss about Islam.  The main aim of this blog is to spread the true message of Islam to everyone around the globe.

Our Mission

Increase the Islamic knowledge of the Muslims and make them practicing. 

Unite the Muslim Ummah under the shade of Islam.

Uplift the Deen of Allah.

Remove misconceptions about Islam.

Remind people of the purpose of their existence.

Help sisters and others in the world to live "a Good Life" according to Qur’an and Sunnah.

Call to the path of Allah with wisdom and good advice.

Provide services and products that Muslims need.

Join Us

Want to play your part by being a proactive reader rather than just a passive one?  

Then, be part of Al-Mau’izah’s mission to spread the true message of Islam!  Stay active everyday on the blog's posts and share it with your family and friends.  

Have an insatiable passion for writing?  Want to share your experiences, quotes, poems, jokes, knowledge or anything beneficial with the readers?  

Well what are you waiting for?  Here at Al-Mau'izah, we want to hear from you!  The blog is not just about the team at Al-Mau'izah but about all of us!  Write up that article of yours and send it to us.  Do remember to adhere to the guidelines of posting an article which can be found under the 'Writing Guidelines For Moderators/Authors' link below.

Fancy the articles/materials on Al-Mau'izah and want to share it with others in your native language?  

Simply get in touch with the team at Al-Mau'izah with the translated article/material and we'll re-post it for you, insya Allah.  After all, we love sharing good deeds amongst each other!  Sharing is caring, people.

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