Monday, December 26, 2011

(T.Y.U.) Lesson 1 - Introduction & Types of Discharge




1)     Abnormal bleeding causes minor ritual impurity only when it exits from the vagina.  ______
2)     Whether blood is impure depends on the type of discharge.  ______
3)     Menstruation causes major ritual impurity by its mere presence in the vagina even if it doesn’t actually exit from the vagina.  ______
4)     Normal vaginal discharge could be dusky.  ______
5)     The end of menstruation and lochia is established when no blood is seen on the pad or underwear.  ______
6)     Studying the fiqh of menstruation is communal obligatory knowledge.  ______


1)     Towards the end of her menstruation, Zaynab sees yellow discharge.  Has her menstruation ended?  Why?
2)     A few days after her menstruation ended, Zaynab experiences thick, creamy discharge that looks like egg white.  No matter how much she cleans herself, it doesn’t go away.  What is this?
3)     Fatimah’s 8 year old daughter is seeing red discharge.  What is this?
4)     Zaynab’s friend advices her to check her pad to determine whether or not her menstruation has ended.  Is this method correct?  Why?
5)     Ruqayyah sees white discharge on her underwear.  She makes wudhu and prays.  Is her prayer valid?  Why?
6)     Ruqayyah is experiencing brown discharge.  What could this be?
7)     List the colours of normal vaginal discharge.
8)     Define lochia.

Answers will be posted in a week's time, insya Allah, so then one may have enough time to go over this exercise.

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