Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love as we know it...

بِسمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَانِ الرَّحِيمِ

The word love escapes our lips almost all the time.  " I love you Jane" said Peter {can you tell i grew up reading Peter and Jane}.  I love red velvet cake or i love xxxx brand lipstick {not trying to endorse any brand lipstick but i would certainly suggest MAC lipsticks}.  Then if you ask Peter why he loves Jane he would say either she's beautiful or she's intelligent or she understand him, and if i ask you why you love red velvet cake you would say because it's exquisitely delicious or its color is unique etc etc.  I too would have a specific reason why i love MAC lipsticks.So do you call this love "unconditional" love??  I wouldn't!  

We love all these things due to a reason or two.  We gain something from this "love".  As we previously learnt in Sharah Aqeedah-Tahawi love is divided into many ranges.  I wouldn't want to touch on all the aspect as this scribble of mine would be rather lengthy.  I just want to highlight on unconditional love.  

The love that exist without any reason or benefit,  the love that gives and gives but never takes...yup wayyyy pass laila majnun love decree.  The love that Allah SWT has for us.  Allah Taala does not need anything from us nor have a specific reason to love us but yet He still does.  

The air that we breathe,  the water that we drink,  the food that we eat are just a small way for Him to show that he loves us.  He does not just gives us air on Valentine's day,  or gives us water when we do well in school but He gives his bounties on a daily basis.  No matter how good or bad we are.  He never stop giving no matter if we forgotten him or if we hurt His deen.  He never dump us or ignore us.  He's always there.  Always.

So, if someone loves us that much wouldn't it be fair that we love him back?  No,no we do not have to give him air or water or a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, He just want us to follow His deen.  Not for his sake, for OUR SAKE.  So that when we leave this perishable world, we will gain the eternal happiness in Jannah.  Wow that's what i call unconditional love.

So the next time you stress out and feel like jamming to backstreet boys {or whatever you kids listen to nowadays} or you think of skipping the payment of Zakat this year or your fingers are itching to call that non-mahram think would it be fair to cheat on Allah SWT?  WOULD IT?

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