Saturday, December 3, 2011

"What don't kill you, makes you stronger" Herbal tea anyone?

بِسمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَانِ الرَّحِيمِ

Hmm you probably think to yourself " what a cliche' title, can't the writer be a little more creative?"   I would think that too but in all honesty i have never believe in a saying as i would this one.  Every time life pushes me down this cliche' saying usually pull me back up.

Imagine, it's pouring outside and i invited you in my house and i offered to make for you a cup of tea.  Your heart started to leap as you felt cold and wanted something warm to drink.  As i stir the cup of tea you waiting patiently for a cup of sweetened refreshing tea.  Then i handed over the cup to you,  you immediately took a sip of the tea and yuck it was so bitter.

Your anticipation of the tea now been teared down as i made a cup of bitter herbal tea for you.  Not to offend me, you took another sip, this time a smaller one.  The bitterness still there but this time you are ready for it.  The third sip you took, you felt as though you could bare the bitterness already.  The forth sip onward you drank it as you would a sweetened cup of tea.  Then when you completed the cup of tea, you thanked me for that bitter cup of herbal tea because not only you felt refreshed but you felt much warmer and healthier.

Like that is life.  As kids we picture the world to be pink and purple, people are kind to one another, life would be easy and when we grow up we will be a princess and our prince will buy for us a Ferrari.  Little by little Allah SWT teaches us that the world is not perfect.  Allah SWT let us meet new friends, lest do we know that some are the betrayal type.  We cried our heart out but by the last tears we learnt that not everyone is kind and then we became aware as to whom we could trust.

Then life seem perfect again....again Allah swt test.  This time he send a disease to one of our family members that take their life away.  As hurtful as it is we learnt that nothing last forever and we do not take things for granted again.  Then life seem to be ok again.....then as you enter adulthood, you realise that princes are born into not an occupation that you could seek and tall, dark and handsome prince charmings driving a FERRARI are not available in your town.  You learnt that 5'4" Malay men driving Myvis are not too bad.  And you learnt to be happy with what you have because you ARE fortunate.

And then Allah SWT test you with many things at ones, it's so hard that you feel like you could not bear it anymore so you try to reach out for help, then you realised that there are so many more people out there that are in worse situation then you,  then you learnt that your pains and hurts are tiny and you are thankful to what Allah SWT had destined for you.

So today, when you think about all the hardships and pains that you endured, i bet there will be a smile carved on your lips because those pains and hurt were just a test from Allah SWT and now you are much much stronger then you were before and if it wasn't for all those test you won't be who you are today.

Allah SWT is so great isn't He?  if it were to be sunny all the time or rainy all the time then there will be no rainbow!

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  1. very very true allahu akbar.may allah give us the sabr to overcome difficulties..
    excellent article.